100-Year Levee Fixes

Public safety is the number one priority for the City of Dallas in all areas. For the Dallas Floodway, the Levee System protects lives and billions of dollars in property value.

After Hurricane Katrina, a National Levee Safety Program was instituted resulting in more rigorous and nationally uniform criteria for inspecting levee systems. Under this new criteria, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) issued Periodic Inspection No. 9 in March 2009 and rated the Dallas Levee System "Unacceptable". As a result, the City lost its 100-Year accreditation of the levee system which began FEMA's process to remap the areas behind the levees.

The City went into action to complete the 100-year flood protection improvements and to work with the Corps on the levee fixes and process to go forward. In February 2012, the City received the Corps' approval on the Section 408 application for the City's proposed 100-year levee fixes and they proceeded to install 3.0 miles of cutoff walls at the East Levee and 0.5 mile of cutoff wall at the west level.

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