William Blair Jr. Park Trails

3000 Municipal St.
Dallas, Tx 75215

A beautiful 900 acre park in Dallas, William Blair Park, consists of two portions: the manicured front of the park with pavilion, fishing pond, parking lot, and picnic areas, and the back portion behind the Rochester Levee featuring rolling meadows, stands of trees and natural surface hiking trails.

There are 4.6 miles of natural surface trails built by the Student Conservation Association (2.7 miles) and Groundwork Dallas (1.4 miles) on the Bois d'arc Trail. Bikers and Hikers can enjoy this natural surface trail and see stands of Green Ash, towering Pecans, Burr Elm, and massive Bois d'arc trees.

System of bollards and cables protect the William Blair Jr. Park Levee System and the back side of the park from vehicles
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