Santa Fe Trestle Trail


Dallas, TX 75207
Dallas, TX 75203
(Trail head at DART overflow parking lot.)

The Great Trinity Forest begins at the Santa Fe Trestle Hike and Bike Trail located across the Dallas Floodway near Corinth Street and Eighth Street. The trail can be accessed from Riverfront Boulevard or on the west side of the levees at Santa Fe Street.

The concrete trail begins near the DART Rail Station at Eighth Street taking hikers across the floodway past seasonal wetlands, stands of trees, far reach vistas of the floodway, and glimpses of birds that live or migrate through the area. At the Santa Fe Railroad Trestle, most visitors are sure to stop and enjoy beautiful views of the Trinity River, the floodway and the City of Dallas.

The restored Santa Fe Railroad Trestle once was a main route for trains crossing the floodway. The bridge was originally built in 1879. It was rebuilt a number of times during subsequent years, and the Trinity River Corridor Project has taken it back to its original splendor. The City worked closely with the Texas Historic Commission to update the bridge for today's safety and aesthetic standards, while still preserving the majority of its original attributes.

Additions and restoration included:

  • Powercoat silver light poles
  • Exposed glavanized railings
  • Historic concrete on stone abutments
  • Historic black color approved by The Historic Commission

Santa Fe Trestle Trail

Aerial of Santa Fe trail looking west toward trailhead
David Mimlitch
  • Aerial of Santa Fe trail looking west toward trailhead
  • Aerial of trestle from west  of the river
  • Aerial view of Trestle Bridge during restoration
  • Beautiful restored Trestle Bridge
  • Cedar Creek along Santa Fe Trestle Trail
  • Santa Fe Trestle Trail Sign
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