Trinity Overlook Park

110 W. Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75205

The Trinity Overlook Park serves as a neighbor park providing access to the Dallas Floodway, parking spaces for twelve, views of downtown Dallas, and a near view of the arch for the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Neighborhoods enjoy this area to view the July 4th Fireworks at Fair Park, for picnics, family outings, and when it snows, it is a great place to take a sled down the levees.

Panoramic view of the Trinity Overlook Park with architectural shade structures. This park gives visitors to the area a closeup view of the Dallas Floodway with signage explaining the proposed Trinity Lakes region

Trinity Overlook Park

Children playing on levee near Overlook
  • Children playing on levee near Overlook
  • Overlook progress sign
  • Overlook shade & shadows
  • Overlook skyline & signs
  • Parent at Overlook
  • TRCP overlook park and sign
  • TRCP shades side view Compressed
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