Trinity Trails

Moving toward a New Outdoor Future for Dallas!

As part of the Trinity River Corridor Project's Balanced Vision Plan, outdoor venues including an extensive system of concrete and natural surface trails figure prominently into the equation to change the culture in Dallas from that of shopping malls and concrete and glass to outdoor adventure. The plan is to connect the trails built by the Trinity River Corridor Project to the comprehensive county wide hiking and cycling trail system that has been expanding over the past decade.

This system of trails includes concrete and natural surface trails and over twelve miles of trails have already been built. Future plans will create a loop within the forest from the Ecopark through the Lower Chain of Wetlands and the Trinity River Audubon Center.

Texas Buckeye Trail

7000 Bexar Street
Dallas, TX 75215

To hike on the famous Texas Buckeye Trail, travel to the trailhead at Bexar Street. This important trail takes hikers to a large stand of Texas Buckeye trees that bloom white in spring. The natural portion of the trail is well maintained by the Dallas Master Naturalists with interesting turns to the trail and arbors made of branches and other native materials. This portion of the trail ends at a stand of impressive Texas buckeye trees and a nice view of the meandering river.

In addition, there is a new concrete trail to take visitors to an overlook slightly to the west of the Texas buckeye stand. There are large boulders for seating areas along this trail and impressive canopy of old growth trees plus adequate signage to take hikers to the river.

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William Blair Jr. Park and the Bois ‘d arc Trail

3000 Municipal
Dallas, Tx 75215

A beautiful 900 acre park in Dallas off if IH-175 South, William Blair Jr. Park consists of two portions: the manicured front of the park with pavilion, fishing pond, parking lot, and picnic areas, and the backside of the park featuring rolling meadows, stands of trees and over four miles of natural surface hiking trails on the Bois d'arc Trail.

William Blair Jr. Park's Bois d'arc Trail: Bollards, cable and gates were installed in 2010 at William Blair Jr. Park at 3000 Municipal to only allow pedestrian traffic into the natural portion of the park behind the Rochester Levee System. There are now 4.6 miles of natural surface trails built by the Student Conservation Association (2.7 miles) and Groundwork Dallas (1.4 miles) on the Bois d'arc Trail. Bikers and Hikers can enjoy this natural surface trail and see stands of Green Ash, towering Pecans, Burr Elm, and massive Bois d'arc trees.

The Trinity River Audubon Center Trails: The Trinity River Audubon Center in southeast Dallas is a $14 million facility that was once a well known construction landfill site. However, it is now an eco-friendly nature and learning center and a green, architectural gem of a building with a LEED® Gold certification. It also features four miles of gravel and boardwalk trails for hikers, bird blinds, and nine emergent wetland ponds.

Lower Chain of Wetlands

The Lower Chain of Wetlands is an integral part of the Dallas Floodway Extension (DFE) Project but it is also a forest and wetland marvel for people to enjoy hiking, birding, photography, and outdoor adventure within the 75 acres of the wetland chain. A gateway park and trails are in the planning stage for this portion of the Great Trinity Forest. Visitors can park at the iron bridge and walk into the wetland area for a special day trip to the forest.

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