Trinity River Gateway Parks

Dallas will play host to a large number of gateway parks to provide pedestrian and vehicular access into the Trinity River corridor. A gateway is a dedicated park entrance into a special area of the Trinity Fields, Trinity Lakes or Trinity Forest that will also provide public parking, park amenities and trail access all along the 20 miles of the project.

The following are gateway parks in the Great Trinity Forest that are either under design, construction, or complete.

Pavilion and Amphitheater at Moore Park

This expansion of the existing Moore Park on 8th Street will include a pavilion, entry promenade, landscaping, and trail connection to the Santa Fe Trestle Trail, a pedestrian bridge over Cedar Creek, an amphitheater and expanded parking. This project is currently under construction, and is expected to be complete in 2013. This project was made possible in part by a $2 million donation from the Hoblitzelle Foundation.

Great Trinity Forest: Moore Gateway Park 
Great Trinity Forest: Moore Gateway Park
  Martin Luther King, Jr./Cedar Crest Gateway

MLK/Cedar Crest Gateway transformed the area and bridge to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists. There are thoughtfully landscaped gateways on either side of Cedar Crest Bridge with parking, plantings, icon light towers, and other trailhead style amenities. Visitor to the area may walk to the Trinity Outlook to watch the river and wildlife, it offers a feeling of being suspended in the treetops.  The Upper Chain of Wetlands is constructed with a trail under construction that will take visitors to Moore Park and the Santa Fe Trestle Trail. 

   William Blair Gateway

William Blair Jr. Park is a 900 acre existing park near US 175 that currently has a lake fishing pier and beautiful open spaces. The Trinity River Corridor Project has added a gateway and trailhead that includes expanded parking, a kiosk, seating area and a trail that goes over the levees to tie into the Bois d'arc Trail in the Great Trinity Forest. This project is complete and ready to welcome hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

   South Central/Joppa Gateway Park

In the historic neighborhood of Joppa, near Great Trinity Forest Way (formerly Loop 12) and Carbondale, the South Central/Joppa Park sits at the end of Fellows Street. The City will be expanding this park to provide amenities such as additional parking, a pavilion with cookout equipment, lighting, a spray ground and a trail connection into the Great Trinity Forest. The trailhead will offer a great view of the Lower Chain of Wetlands, where park visitors will be able to see the many species of waterfowl that migrate through this area and the small forest animals that make it their home. This project is under design, and construction is expected to begin in 2012.

Rendering of the design for the Joppa Gateway Park  
Rendering of the design for the Joppa Gateway Park
   Loop 12 Gateway
The grand entrance to the Great Trinity Forest will be along Loop 12, now known as Great Trinity Forest Way. This project will be done in three phases. Phase 1 will enhance the entrance to the Trinity River Audubon Center (located at 6500 Great Trinity Forest Way) with an extra entry/exit lane and native landscaping. Phases 2 and 3 will add lighting to Great Trinity Forest Way and provide a large welcoming sign announcing your entrance to the Great Trinity Forest. This project is currently under design and is expected to begin construction in Spring 2012.
   IH-20 Gateway Park
The IH-20 Gateway Park will expand on an existing natural resource near IH-20 and Dowdy Ferry Rd. At this location sits a small but beautiful natural lake that has been a favorite spot for local fisherman and horseback riders. The Trinity River Corridor Project has already added a large gravel parking lot for horse trailer parking and improved the gravel entry road. Beginning in early 2012, we will be adding a fishing pier, a trail around the lake, parking, picnic pavilions, restrooms, and additional equestrian amenities. The park should be complete in late 2012.​​​​​​​​