Trinity Fields​

The Trinity Fields region in Dallas forms a beautiful and diverse ​recreational area destined for the enjoyment of different types of sports and nature enthusiasts. Along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, this area is the perfect showcase for the MoneyGram Soccer Park at Elm Fork. This facility supports the growing interest in soccer and other ball sports in North Texas. Sports of all types flourish in the Trinity Fields area because two miles away bird watches can count numerous species of migratory and resident birds playing at the confluence of the Elm Fork and West Fork of the Trinity River.  The vast area is an ecological gem. 

Plans include a system of trails and other park-like amenities. The idea is to always bring people back to the Trinity River and its surrounding landscape because it is an important natural resource; one not found in every large city.

Cleaning along IH-45 Near Elm Fork          Stormwater sump near IH-30 and Loop 12 in the Dallas Floodway

HTX_6761 reduced size.jpg     13086 IH-30 Sump (1).JPG