2017 Trinity River Photo Contest Winner
1st Place Forest/Prairie

Julie Horak, Amateur Division


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2017 Trinity River Photo Contest

Congratulations Photo Contest Winners!

An independent panel of judges selected the winning images for the 2017 Trinity River Photo Contest. View all the images and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Trinity River Corridor as you look through this collection of images. We have another exciting announcement, this year, the Grand Prize was awarded to Abby Law in the Youth Division.

Presenting the 2017 Winners

In 2018, get ready, set and take more photos to share the Trinity River, Great Trinity Forest, trails, Dallas Floodway, and all the plants and animals associated with this greenway that runs through our City. 

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Trinity River Basin Clean Rivers Program

Trinity Calendar of Events 

The Clean Rivers Program operates under the Clean Rivers Act, which was passed by the Texas Legislature in 1991 with the goal of assessing and improving the state’s water resources. 

The Act authorizes the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to levy fees on wastewater and water rights permits to cover the expense of the program. TCEQ then contracts with river authorities or regional entities to perform specific tasks within each river basin, mostly involving water quality. Typically, the most developed and populous areas of the state, such as the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, the fourth largest metro area in the nation, contribute substantial funding to the CRP.  The area is a vast watershed with streams, creeks, rivers, and stormwater all coming together and gathering trash and pollutants on their way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Trinity River has a long history of water quality challenges, and we invite you to join the many volunteers who help clean up along the river. Call 214-671-9500 for more details.

Hikes in the Great Trinity Forest

Service Alert: The public is advised that Santa Fe Trestle Hike and Bike Trail and the Trinity Skyline Trail are closed due to flooding until further notice. Servicio de alerta: El público está avisado que Santa Fe Trestle Hike and Bike Trail y Trinity Skyline Trail están cerradas debido a las inundaciones, hasta nuevo aviso.

Bundle up and go exploring at the Trinity River Audubon Center, the Texas Horse Park (TexasHorsePark.com) or on the Trinity Forest Trails. Hiking or biking on the trails is free and after all the delicious holiday treats, a walk with family and friends is perfection!

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UNT Hosts Past Years Collections

Photography Winners from Previous Years

You can see some of the past winners in PowerPoint format below or you can visit the University of North Texas' downtown campus and see winners from 2010, 2012 and 2014 in the lobby and on floors 3, 4, 6, and 7. There are many ways to Experience the Trinity!

Winners from all the years!​